Thursday, February 20, 2020

The Unload.

Work: Due to a restructure, we all have to apply for our jobs again. My position has been “disestablished” and will merge with another job. Not happy about it, but 70% confident that I’ll get the position I apply for. Some of my co workers will not have jobs because of a severe decline in student roll. This is sad, but necessary. 

Church: Getting more proactive about church. I’ve been staying for both hours and thanks to a piano playing missionary currently in the ward, I have been able to sit with my family in the congregation and enjoy sacrament meeting instead of freaking out about the next song. It’s a safe place to be right now with the world in a little bit of a state.

Family: Kids are all healthy and happy. Hubs has her first class camp on Monday and enjoyed it mucho. It’s about the 5th time she’s been away from me for the night and I took advantage of it this time and put my feet up and completely veged out. Usually I have one of my nieces stay over to keep me company, but I braved it this time with Netflix and Vampire Diaries. As a family we started a new tradition this year to always have lunch together after church. Rome stopped me on the road one week walking home with her mates and asked me what was for lunch that Sunday. Sunday’s lunches are a success for this reason.

Tyler is growing a girl. Our Stiddy is going to be shorter than his sister because of genetics. I hope he is taller than me. He already has short man syndrome, but he’s the best. 

Nga mihi

Monday, January 27, 2020

Last week of refuge

It’s going to be a killer hot day next Monday. That’s the day we check the returning students back into the Hostel. It’s going to be gross.

The pool has come in handy now summer finally decided to show her face. Most of December was dull and cool, but it’s pay back time and shes coming with 34 degree temps.
Let me take time to give props to Kobe Bryant. I’ve never been open about liking basketball. My fellow Saints, here particularly in Hawke’s Bay, made the sport ugly since High School, but if I had a favorite.. it was Kobe.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

End of school holidays

We’re coming to the end of school holidays. Redunancies are hanging over our heads at work.
2020 is not looking good so far.
But at the very least, these guys don’t have that worry.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Happy Birthday Avi

Avi is 4 today.
She’s been a major Birthdayzilla.
From Hubba.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Wairarapa finale

The last day in the Wairarapa consisted of sitting at home relaxing. It was a perfect day and then we drove home.