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End of Term 3.

My mental health has been tested this year. I've taken on the worries of others, not only at home but at work. Work right now is in a major state. Can't talk about it, but you can read one version of the story in the news if you searched my work place. Yesterday was the last day of Term 3. This whole week went slow because I wanted it to go fast.

I'd like to sleep for the next two weeks and get back the energy I exhausted on everything but me and mine over the last 12 weeks. Two weeks to put workplace platitudes away for a moment and enjoy the break. Two weeks to use the time to remind myself that adults can look after themselves.

Just deserving of a break after 9 months of 2019, but the storm isn't over. Not even close.

My favorite boy who is pretty naughty.

The wood shed.

Lots of action at my Mum's place last weekend. We downed a shed that was blocking a million dollar view. I told my Mum to keep the view. It has to have driven the value of the house up some.

The new view. The left side of the shed is completely gone now. Throwing out a fire pit idea for that spot come Summer.

The burn up.

AviVi will be 4 in January.

Indy will be 3 in March.

Prime view of Te Mata Peak & Mount Erin.

Mount Erin in the back.

I think Kahuranaki Maunga is that way, but I'm not a good enough Maori to confirm that.

2 years ago she got a RipStick for Christmas. It sat in her closet until recently when she decided it was time to give it a go.

Now she's a pro.

She's had 8 driving lessons in the last two weeks.. Most of them are in the marae car park where I've been teaching her how to turn left and right and break and get use to the accelerator. She's extremely confident and very comfortable in the drivers seat. She's probably a better driver than Tyler, Shai and Ness. We haven't driven on tar seal road yet, but I've been letting her drive up my Mum's drive way and there are two sharp corners that she has managed with ease. Today we drove on some gravel road. By Christmas I hope she is learned enough to drive between my house and her Nans.

I just need someone trustworthy to drive to town when I need a Coke Zero. Someone who won't add things to the trolley when I said they can only have one thing.

Doing something right as a parent despite everything else falling apart around me.


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Last nights Super Moon. Te Mata Peak. Safe to say, Hubbalush loves her Ariel. She's my favorite big sister Mum. (Shame Tyler, Shai, Nessa and Rome) Goodnight Hawkes Bay. Earthquake: I felt it. I got my child up and ran outside onto my concrete porch where I thought it would be safest. The Seismologist on the news the next day said running outside is not a good idea in the event of an Earthquake. Now I know for next time. Hawkes Bay didn't feel the effects of it like Southland did .. and is continuing to do. Over 1000 aftershocks since it all began. Tyler is stuck on the South Island and finishing out their tour, much to my dismay. It's a disaster zone in parts down there and although she's on the skirts of the danger zones, you'd think it professional AND safe to cancel the tour and bring the troop home .. but no. Some stupid doesn't think so. Goodnight.

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