Monday, June 3, 2019

Winter is here.

Happy June Internets.
There's been a lot of death in the rohe lately. There's been a lot of reflection. There's been an abundance of red in the community, but the church is true.

New Zealand's second temple site was announced a few weeks ago when the Prophet did his Pacific tour. It's close to my sister's house voiding the Hamilton temple for us because of accommodation.

We're wrapping up a long weekend in the country where we observed the Queen's birthday. The only Queen that is worth mentioning is my Mum, who was 60 on Saturday. We drove to Auckland to spend the weekend with sister and her family. We had a birthday dinner on Saturday and beat the snow home on Sunday. A good, but quick break away.

Today we chilled.
Tomorrow is work again.
4 more weeks til Term 2 is over.
It's been the worst term yet.

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