Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Happy Easter

Didn't forget about Easter and the sacrifice and chocolate.
While I was sitting at the piano during sacrament, I listened to the speakers talk about how Christ bled from every pore. This pointed me to Leviticus 17:11. Basically, blood is life and without it, there is simply no life. Blood is required in order for the wages of sin to be paid.

As humans, we like to self-atone.
When we do something bad we try justify it with something, essentially covering it up and saying it will be OK.

Adam and Eve did the same thing.
When they partook of the fruit they suddenly realized they were nude in the garden of Eden so they covered themselves with leaves to hide the shame of being nude. Didn't work out for them, they knew when God eventually showed up that he knew that they knew that they were naked. So God sacrificed an animal, blood shed, to make them clothes from the animal skin so they would no longer be naked and ashamed. This is an example of atoning .. as early as Adam and Eve.

Sin is not vanquished when you think it's concealed.

Happy late Easter Internets.

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