Sunday, March 3, 2019

Whaea Les.

Last year at our first staff hui (meeting) with the acting Kaihautu, we had an introduction portion where we went around the table and everyone introduced themselves. We all knew each other already, it was more for the Kaihautu to get to know everyone.

The question she asked was, tell me about you and why you are here.
I said to the table, 'Dead husband, one kid, need money' .. everyone else told their life story.

When it got to my Mum, I was sitting there quite impatient trying to hurry her along with my eyes. What could she possibly say to the room that I didn't already know.

I don't know if any of you know that I had my first baby when I was 16. All I wanted to be was a Mum. I had 5 kids before I was 22. I have no regrets about having kids so young because I grew up with my kids. My oldest is 40 and my youngest is 35. (at the time) Out of my 5 kids I have nearly 20 grand kids and a great grand-son. All I want to be is a Mum and that's why I'm here. My kids are all grown up now and their kids are growing up too. I'm here because all I want to be is a Mum.
She's quite fantastic my Mum.
We often underestimate her and we often disregard her love, but she is the personification of pure love in my life that makes waking up every day worth it. I will go anywhere, as long as my Mum is there with me.

Even a fuselage of snakes on an airplane about to take us down in a fireball of death.

Her voice channels the melody of Heaven.
God's gift and artistry,
everything about her is perfect.
She is the meaning of life.

- Messenger of Love

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