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4 days til Christmas.

Work was done on the 9th. A staff party was had, but we only stayed long enough to exchange gifts and clean up a little before everyone else slumbered off to get lit. I was to be a sober driver, but that last week dragged on and I just wanted to go home and start my holidays. Our boss, and acting Hostel Manager, for most of the year left us with great parting gifts. She's moving on to brighter things next year and I'll miss her the most.

I shouldn't show this with the other hampers in the background ... it shows who her favorite employee was ;)

We went to Auckland last week for a pre-christmas Christmas dinner with sister and her family. We took our boy with us for his first roadie outside of Hawkes Bay. PJ Masks on repeat on an iPad that fit perfectly between the two front seats was a life saver.

His Mum came with us. She was worse than him on the way there and back.

When I go to Auckland I don't care much for shopping. I've even given up on my relationship with Auckland dumplings since my sister moved out of the markets zone we were familiar with. I'd rather sit at her house all day and listen to her yell at her kids than venture out to shop .. but Tyler came with us and she made some pact with her Aunty, sister, that had me driving Miss Daisy from Papakura to Onehunga.

Never again.

We had dinner on Saturday and got back on the road Monday.

Dinner with the squad was had on Tuesday the 18th. Captain Henry found a Thai restaurant in the heart of Napier CBD that had Bao bread to die for.

True story, but don't get #29 the Basil Pork Belly from Coko.
It ruined my night .. it was even worse than the lipstick I got from Captain Henry's wife for secret Santa. The 2019 planner that came with it was spot on though. I added it to my 2019 Books of Harmony. The Books of Harmony are to keep my life consistently in order, but that's a whole 'nother post.

What I did with the lipstick.
Flawless AviVi.

My child got germs from sisters kid. She's been out of action for the last three days. I had to have a 'boy cried wolf' talk with her before she went to bed tonight because she seemed to be 80% more sick when people came over. I hope she gets better soon because it's driving me bongos.

.. and finally, our boy is growing .. unfortunately, not height-wise.

I hope he still wants to cuddle like this when he's 30.

May your days be merry and bright.


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