Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Into July.

July 1st came and went and we're currently on day 2 of the second term holidays. I pretty much have work every day if I want to, and I want to. Tomorrow I'm going to help my brother make a partition wall in one of the dorms to separate a gym area from a senior common room. I've been thinking about the wall all day. I wish I had measured it yesterday when we were there, but I didn't and now it's driving me crazy because I have all the ideas minus the measurements.

I've said it before, but I really do love my work place. I hate to make it a race thing, but working with people I identify with, culturally, makes it all worth while. For my insignificant duty, I have a voice there and I appreciate that. I've always appreciated and loved being home, but if I can be anywhere else that isn't home .. it would definitely be at work.

Hub's will be 8 in September. She reminds me every day that there are only two months left before she turns 8. We're having a birthday bash for her this year because she'll be dunked in H20, LDS-Style. It's something she has chosen to do and she is very much so looking forward to it. Despite the fact that she constantly crawls into my bed at night, wants cuddles all the time when we're watching TV and appreciates Mum smoochies, she is growing up.

She asked me last night what happens to her when I die. I told her that hopefully she'll have a husband when I die, but it definitely gave me something to think about. I don't think I will feel the same way my Aunties did when I left the nest. I can't wait for her to grow up and be her own person without my input. I can only hope that my parenting during her informative years will be beneficial to when she finally flies the cuckoos nest to start her own nut house out in the wide world. I want her to be whatever she wants to be, as long as she is happy with her decision. She currently doesn't want to be a nurse because she saw on the news tonight that nurses are striking because they don't get paid much.

Livian turned 42 last week. We're getting old. My Mum will be 60 next year. Nothing like looking at your age and wondering where it all went. This is the reason I journal/blog. They're going to be the memories I forget, but can look back at and remember when I go senile.

Our babies are delicious.

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