Saturday, April 28, 2018

StrongArms holidays

My sisters kids are an acquired taste. They’ve been here for a week and there have been more fights between four kids than I can count. It’s been a headache and a delight. Yesterday we had a staff meeting and had to bring all the kids to work. Lucky the campus is big and they roamed free, like wilderbeasts.

That they were. I started to get texts from Shaily early on in the meeting. She wanted to hang a few children and spent the next thirty minutes relaying everything bad each kid was saying and doing. Now New Zealand is anti-smacking when it comes to children, but what you don’t know won’t hurt you .. so I gave her the order.

That’s when the child ran away. That only makes things worse for when they do get caught.

Today we dropped them off at the airport. Seven days of mental torture washed away when I saw in their eyes that they weren’t ready to go home. Seven days of yelling at them went down the drain when they hugged you a little tighter when they were called to the gate. Seven days of wanting to kill them diminished when they looked back and waved goodbye as they walked to their plane.

I’ll admit I held back tears as they walked away.

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