Monday, January 29, 2018


We're five weeks into the year. One of my to-dos for the year was to find more work, enough to enjoy a little bit of luxury now and again. As you do, I hadn't involved God in the plan .. I only ever ask of him when I'm in dire need. Asking for employment didn't seem like a God question, so I just didn't do it.

My Mum did though and I have her earnest communications with the powers that be to thank for getting a job last week that, with work at Hub's school too, will take me out of the 'just comfortable' zone and into the 'you can go to the movies this week AND get a bucket of popcorn' zone.

I'll tell you what .. being a widow with a minion changes your perspective on things. At one point during Larry's Hollywood Studio days, combined with his online school business, we had an income of over 300k per annum - USD. It wasn't much in Southern California where rent costs you your first born and then some. We also had an ongoing battle with vehicles and the Mojave desert heat. I have nothing to show for from other than a bunch of memorial hotel visits around SoCal and a perfume habit.

Memories = money well spent. Half a million dineros on memories in a matter of 10 years is pretty inexpensive if you ask me.

So I started work last Thursday. I've worked with them before and they're good people. Originally the job was for 12am-8am. This threw a spanner into the works where Hub's is concerned, but the boss man has a lot of empathy for families and is trying to sort a 10am-4pm shift. Until then .. I'll be a vampire by night and asleep by day.

Tried not to let things ruin my buzz for the month, but of course something always does.
Don't rain on my parade bruh, things are looking up for me.
Let me have it.

Do not weary by the way, whatever be thy lot. There awaits a brighter day, To all, to all who weary not.

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