Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Spouse vs Spawn.

Topic of a discussion yesterday while on the way home from town centered around my niece finally understanding what it was like to be a 'wife' and realizing just how important you are to the other people who need you the most, specifically her significant other. She went on about finally knowing all the things he likes. Cooking all the things he loves. His fussy ways.
She said she loves it.

Aaawww ... insert eye roll here.

I told her I would rather be a mother than a wife. Don't get me wrong, love my Larry to the moon and back, but sometimes he was impossible. I mean .. the man liked his spaghetti with salt and butter. No tomato sauce of any kind over it. He thought mince pies were chimp food. He had to be sitting on a chair that allowed him to rock back n forth. He'd think faster than he could talk and if I thought he was wrong and he thought he was right, I'd be stuck listening to scientific proof as to why he's right.

One of the first things he asked me ever was if I knew what the frequency for FM transmission was.
Why would anyone need to know that kind of information.

You can't mold a husband into how you want him to be. His mother has already done that and before you think ill about your mother-in-law, remind yourself that you fell in love with that person she molded. At some point in your life you thought he embodied complete perfection and that perfection is all the work of a mother.

Eventually his laundry you use to wash and hang lovingly becomes an aggravating chore. He'll turn his nose up at the lasagna you've served him three times in one week.

This is why I'd rather be a mother than a wife. You can't make a perfect husband, but you play a big part in making your child the perfect person, because that's what mothers do.

I don't know that I could live through another marriage solely because indifference's between two people takes years to blend and I don't have the time or energy.

And there is my choice re: my temple experience.

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Me said...

More and more lately I've been thinking my dad may have been undiagnosed autistic, with savantism, which I think is why everyone thought he was a genius (he was). Like, not an insult, I think I might be as well as far as some of that, I just never really knew autistic people growing up. Having access to social media has made a big difference in my life. It seems like it did for him too.

And I totally know the frequency for FM 😂😂😂 But other people have definitely thought it was weird when I also started conversations that way.

It's good to hear That is doing so well tho 😃

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