Sunday, October 1, 2017

Past 5 days.

Our PA babies are faring well.
Indy-G is 6 months.

Our Stiddy boy is almost 7 months.

Avis rules the roost at 20 months.

I started making a skirt at the beginning of the week using fabric I found at an op-shop that cost 70 cents. I had a general idea of the kind of dress I wanted to make, but it was too complicated for a first timer when I did a mock up using paper towels. I opted with the skirt part of it instead and even that had me rethinking stuff. I needed a gathering foot for the tiers. Didn't know what a gathering foot was so I figured out how to do it without one. I tried to do it the half-assed way, but decided against it and went back to my sewing roots (when I was 10 at Intermediate) and pinned, tacked then sewed.
Up close it's pretty tragic, but if you stand about 20 feet away, it's fantastic.
She loves it and wore it to church today and it didn't fall off.

Date night with the ladies of the house Livian.

Sinned and watched The All Blacks game during the last hour of church. Bishop was surprised I was even at church today. It's nice to know that he knows my religious priorities are, at times, not on fleek. You can't repent for not watching a live ABs game.
The ABs owned Argentina.

Week one of the school holidays commence tomorrow, but here's something cute.

Happy October Internets!


Melissa said...

That is pretty cute.

Me said...

The skirt turned out fantastic!! :D

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