Sunday, October 22, 2017

Longest labour weekend ever.

The girls made muffins. Hub's had chocolate chips in them and Rome's had .. wait for it .. cocoa pops. Rome, you are your mothers daughter.

Tried out the Zambrero in Napier. It's New Zealand's equivalent to the Chipotle chain in the USA. 7/10. I'd drive 23 minutes to get another burrito, but that's only because Thai House Express is just down the road and that place is 15/10. Just realized this picture has nothing to do with the aforementioned.

Big girl. She was stuck in the babies bouncer. She had to roll out of it like a Walrus.

Ty-A and Ty-J.

They don't sell these in NZ. I paid $8 for that pack from the Americano store in Auckland.
Worth it.

My pretty.

Can't wait for her to go back to school.
She's a pain in the ass.

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