Sunday, October 29, 2017

Happy Sunday PP 2017

I am not looking forward to the next 8 days. His mother is going to China for work tomorrow and he'll be with us. I'm tired already.

Primary Presentation today. I'm sure from the bottom it looked angelic and all that crap, but up where I sat was madness. The theme for primary this year was about choosing the right. I was thinking during the program about my short stint with the youth this year and contemplated who the better audience was to teach about choosing the right.

Primary aged kids are in their informative years. They're more susceptible to understanding and applying what impressions you leave with them where with the youth .. anything I taught was welcomed with attitude and a vacant stare.

After today .. I am glad to be back in the primary. I've only spent the last 20 years there. They're willing to learn what, why and when. The youth are more just when ... when can I leave church.

Lamb tails with Nan this afternoon.

My lens needs a clean. See the black dot in these last few photos?
Its either a demon or dust.
Hoping for the latter.

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