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Auckland, Hamilton, Temple, Friday 13th.

I spent the week in hells equivalent with my sisters kids, but it all ended with a refreshing peace and serenity in the temple today. I wish I lived closer to the temple to be able to attend more regularly and even though I can't use the Napier-Taupo roads as an excuse for infrequent attendance, the fact is .. the uphill battle on my low cc vehicles tell a story of a number of failed WOFs.

Different feeling when going to the temple with strangers. The dynamic in my ward isn't at the same level. It's a sweet n sour ordeal. Which is sweet and which is sour?
In that order.

My sister and her husband went through for the first time today and were sealed to their kids. The same kids I've had to deal with all week. They surprised me though, they were angelic .. even the worst one was angelic.

It's a milestone for them.
They're a part of Club Forever.

Shopping for a temple dress yesterday, I had a bit of a reality check. Temple people, when they die, are dressed in their temple attire. I thought about that when making a decision on a dress and decided on a dress that would be the most easy to slip on my body when it's riddled with rigor mortis. Just wanted to be courteous to those who will dress me.

I always run into people from school when at the temple. It's seriously a clause of attending CCNZ. It use to make me cringe until I ran into all the right people yesterday and today and there is beauty in being able to shop for your LDS undies and not feel an ounce of embarrassment about it because your student body pres in 1995 is up the same aisle buying hers too.

My grandmother turned 88 today. She's going to outlive us all. Glad she was able to make it up here for the sealing.

And finally .. you know how I feel about photos of myself, but I'm sharing this because it has everything I'd expect a selfie to have.
Purpose and significant retrospect.

Only good things happened on this Friday the 13th.
Home to my Stiddy boy and his big baby mother tomorrow.


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