Thursday, September 14, 2017


He was just so excited to be here!

He's getting to big for his Aunty Hubs.

Hiding from potential visitors yesterday. Now you know where we hide when we can't pretend we're not home at home.

Signs of Spring.

Pretty Indy-G.

I just completed week 6 in my Te Reo class. It has given me a headache tonight. Some of the content needs more explanation. I'm not stupid, but this is how they explained where to use and where to use .

It can be used to describe all sorts of relationships, family and otherwise. The only down side is that you need to have to grip on whether something is in the ‘a’ or ‘o’ category before you start the sentence, as that determines whether you use nā or nō half way through! – If something is in the ‘a’ category, nā is the right word to use, if it’s in the ‘o’ category, use nō.

Now if that didn't leave you thinking W-in-the-sweet-F does that mean .. then I'm dumber than I thought. I thought it was like Spanish representing gender, but no ... I don't know how it works to even tell you.

Needless to say .. I got a 6/11 in tonight's Wero Hinengaro.
At this rate .. I'll never be a Maori.

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Me said...

I also tend to hide from people lately.

Good job on your studies!! I took a class in college about the Indigenous languages of the Pacific Northwest, and I remember how difficult it was for me at times, even though most of the place names and stuff are named using those languages. I think it's awesome you're doing that. I've been learning more about different spiritual practices my great grandma did (she was a bruja or "witch") and I've been reading about what all that meant as a spiritual, as well as political and household practice. History can be an interesting way to connect with our families and our past 😃 Hugs to you all!!

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