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Kapahaka 2017.

Spent last week getting the school kapahaka costumes ready. I can proudly say I now know how to get the thread from the top of the sewing machine to the needle part at the bottom there. I managed to sew two dresses on the days my Mum didn't come and they didn't fall off the girls during their performance today.

Whispered some advice into Romes ear, which may or may not have included the F word, about not being shy and she felt lots better.

Hub's has been counting down the days to their performance since the beginning of the month. She was given a little part in there to get her roopu to prepare (Hope! Ki Raro). This is why she had a plume in her hair as opposed to just feathers.

Senior girls dress rehearsal this morning.

I don't remember if Rome took off her pink socks or not.


Avi was just wondering what the hell was going on and why they all dressed like that.

Our Reid whanau.
Darrell and Leven doing their thing!

May I say .. am I glad that's over.
Last week of school before Term 3 holidays.
Temperature hit 26°C today.
Can you believe it's almost Christmas time.

Video will be up when it finished uploading.


Me said…
Sewing machines are something I still need to master, but those outfits and the program turned out awesome! Hubs looks so grown-up in all the pictures, she's definitely her own person 😍

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