Thursday, July 13, 2017

No snow.

It snowed in Danniverk overnight, but didn't quite make it to our area of rural Hawkes Bay. We took a 45km drive up the road and the second picture was as close as we got. It was in the middle of nowhere Kereru Road. The road was a little daunting and I turned around after we got our photo. I came home and looked up on google earth where exactly the road ended. Eventually it merged back with Highway 50, which took you to Tikokino and onto to Takapau at a big intersection just after Waipukarau.

The road itself to get there was banjo playing pig squealing worthy.

Home to the warmth of a roaring fire and cuddles with the big boy.

Last week I spent some dineros on artic flannel fleece sheets.
They're the best winter invention ever. I love bedtime anyway, but getting into bed between fleecy sheets during winter makes it even more fantastical.

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