Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Let's go to the movies, lets go see the stars!

I've been wanting to see that new movie about the apes. I was talking about it last week with Mitchy and said I'd go Tuesday (today) to see it by myself because I prefer it that way. She told me she was coming too and I quickly reminded her of Avi and her movie etiquette.

Hubs sat at the table and took it all in.

Found her in her room a few nights ago crying about something. She didn't want to tell me when I asked the first couple of times, but she finally told me that she didn't like the idea of me going to the movies by myself. It made her sad imagining me sitting in the movies eating popcorn watching apes all by myself.

Child, I'm dying to go to the movies without you.

I want to be able to eat popcorn and not think where your hands have been when you want to share with me because you spilled all yours all over the floor.
I want to drink from a clean straw and not share with you because you drank your whole cup before the movie even started.
I want to eat my own ice cream and not your ice cream that you've eaten all the chocolate off of and swapped.
I want to eat snicker pods without you asking me what is happening now in the movie.
I want to watch the movie without toilet breaks because you drank all your drink and mine.
I want to sit there on those velvet chairs knowing no one is going to ask me if we can go home now every ten minutes.

I simply want to watch what happens to those damn dirty apes.

Love you for loving me that much, but all Mama wants to do is go to a movie without you.

In other news ... didn't go to the movie.

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