Tuesday, May 30, 2017

End of May

The Boy Love.

The Girl Love.

TyJay & his Gramps.

FHE last night. Closing song, "I love to see the Temple".
Not sure what the actions were.

Woke up to a great sunrise this morning that lit up the entire kitchen and lounge with orange light.

Hubs & TyJay chats before school.

Then she left.

He is very cute, but we will enjoy our night without him. His dulcet tones in the middle of the night will not be missed tonight.

Her "Under the sea" diorama from last term. She wanted to send it to Ariel, but there aren't enough 'Fragile' stickers in the world for that postal service.

Great sunset to end the day.


Me said...

I LOVE IT!! Can you please message me captions of what the top bits say? I cant read all of them, some are tucked behind the others <3

So proud of you Hubs!!

Me said...

PS Tyler and Avi are so cute its ridiculous :)

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