Saturday, November 19, 2016

A taste of summer.

Met up with The Farmers out at Waimarama. Ariel's last day in Hawkes Bay today before she heads back up to Auckland tomorrow and to the US of A early Monday morning. We fit in some last minute stuff today. They checked off the Hawkes Bay basics.

1. Rush Munroes Ice-Cream
2. Te Mata Peak
3. Fish n Chips
4. Silky Oak Chocolate Factory
5. Fancy McDonalds
6. Dominoes Pizza and it's atrocious pizzas.
7. Waimarama
8. Napier
9. The fancy new KMart.
10. The Circus (Family)

Tyler also arrived home late last night from her three week rendezvous in Te Waipounamu. Dreading tomorrow for Hubba's sake.

It's been a good week.
I've come to know my husbands first born much better in the last 6 days than I ever did in the 16 years I've known her. It's bought closure I didn't know was needed and blossomed a relationship that was long overdue.


Me said...

It looks like I'm on FB at the grave, but I'm really reading a poem.

It was a good visit. Why is the Southern Hemisphere so far from the Northern Hemisphere?

Melissa said...

That's awesome man. I'm happy for all.

Happy Birthday Hubs!

Today, she's 11. She didn't mind one but that we're in Level 3 lockdown. At the very least, we have Delivery Easy to bring us ta...