Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Lullaby.

Years ago when Larry and I use to discuss having kids, we told each other that if any were to grace us, we'd sing a certain lullaby to them every night.

We both forgot when Hubba came along and he made up his own songs to sing to her. I have never ever mentioned to anyone about what Larry and I talked about that many years ago. I never ever told anyone the song either. It all slipped my mind after all these years.

Last night in bed after reading a book to Hub's she asks me to "sing the song". I've only ever written that plan we made in my 2004 journal and no one has access to it and she can't read properly yet.

What song?
The lullaby.
How does it go?
It starts like goodnight.

Sometimes I think she must be some kind of amazing to have the veil so thin before her. It's kind of all I want some days.

Goodnight, time to call it a day.
Sleep tight, dream your troubles away.
Goodnight, in spite of any sorrow
There's a brand new day
On it's way tomorrow.

Some day, all your dreams will come true
Some way, for me and you.
So close your eyes
And dream of it my darling,
Till then goodnight, goodnight sleep tight. 

Goodnight Hubbumdelish.


Melissa said...


Unknown said...

That is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Me said...

My grandma has a name in Spanish for kids who can kind of see through to the other side, I guess you could say. I can't remember what it is, but she calls my cousin Aiden that because he says he can see Hal.

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