Saturday, June 4, 2016

Love all, trust a few.

A mixture of stuff happened during the week. Nessa getting braces was the highlight and after spending 3 years whining about needing braces, she's had them on for 2 days and wants them off. She said they hurt, but I know it's the food restriction that's bothering her more.
It's an entertaining ordeal.

Darrell and Hub's playing together this morning at Ma's house

Rome's clay creations.

Big Fish and Little Fish.

Ravi. Next to albacore sushi, she's the next most delicious thing in the whole world.

Haven't been at church for two weeks. Other things were happening so it wasn't by choice, but I've enjoyed the break to be honest. You have to be mentally prepared for Sunday sometimes. The ward is a combination of people you look forward to seeing and people you'd rather not share air with. Sometimes I dread going, sometimes I don't.

I sometimes wonder how smooth things would run if a woman ran the show.
May lightening not strike me on my path today.

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