Sunday, June 19, 2016

An update.

Heeeeey AviAviiii.
She's 5 months now and very yummy.

Le Frost.

Wanted to wear a skort and no thermal under her shirt on a minus 1 morning.

These ones are mostly for Sister, Nina and Livian ... who needs to get the same couch for his house and probably sister too. Got a new lounge this week because I needed one. I made one of my nieces sit on the floor because of potential toe jams.

Mitchy finally gave me the lamp after 4 years of asking.
Story behind it. They went to Harvey Norman one day and she can spot yellow clearance stickers from space with her eyes closed and hands tied behind her back. The lamp was originally $1000. She got it for $19. I pretty much wanted it the first time I saw it and now and again straight up asked for it. I even had one of her kids carry it to my car once. She finally budged this week.
Now I need a million dollars to buy Avi from her and our house will be complete! I'll swap you Tyler.
That table in front of it, Hub's red school desk, is being picked up tonight thanks to the Heneroids.

It's a hard thing changing your house around when you've been use to the same way for most of your life. In 37 years, the couch has never ever been on that wall before. Ever. But the thing was so huge it couldn't fit in the normal spot so I moved everything around. It works. It made my lounge bigger. I thought to move the TV, but it's fine there. I decided that people who visit me aren't allowed to watch TV. They visit to visit and so the TV stays in that awkward place.

I need to start carrying my camera around.
I'm downgrading my car this week. I got the Murano because I thought I was getting one or two more kids and needed the bigger vehicle. Now that I'm not, I have to downgrade to something more economical.

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Melissa said...

It all looks great.

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