Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Just Once.

This guy could be my new musical boyfriend (close runner up to Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy). If someone can sing this James Ingram song just as well as this chap, then we should probably get married .. and for the record, Keiran Read is our new rugby god.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Quiet Tues.

Last basketball game of the term. I really hate basketball, but Hub's loves it so it's only fair to let the child play, but I swear ... those 10 minute halves are like molasses slow.

Came home to a quiet night in.
Dinner was had and Shortland St. was watched.
Then Tashi's hot chocolate concoction.
It's was rich and chocolatey.

Yum, but whoever thought 78% Dark Ghana chocolate would be good on it's own is delusional.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

At church.

Something happened today in sacrament meeting that had me in a silent fit of laughter. The story can only be told in person, but I laughed so much I couldn't breathe properly and started making huffing noises. When the person behind me, assuming it was my brother, started prodding me in the back to shut up it only made things worse.

I partially stood up to leave the sacrament meeting hall, but I couldn't do it. I would have walked out snorting the whole way and we sit right up the front.

I still laugh thinking about it.

All it was .. was the sponge falling off the mic during the final talk.
It was enough to make me drool and cry at the same time.
I've been retelling the story all night because I'm obviously immature irreverent.

Love from the Stake RS Counselor.
The anxiety behind that calling is not so funny, but it's OK because Families are Forever.

The Decor.

The decor from the wedding yesterday, which was fancy.
The cake was modeled after the Rothmans building in Napier. I wish there was more time to take photos of the actual building and the designs on the outside.
Next time I'm in Napier I'll remember.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

The last wedding shoot EVER.

It was a cute little Art Deco wedding.
It has nothing to do with Bridezilla. There was no Bridezilla. I just don't like the idea of having one chance to get it right. On top of that, the weather wasn't on our side and there were lots of missed opportunities because of time and distance.

Making do for a photo shoot is not good enough, but I'm happy with the results.

Friday, June 24, 2016

It's Friday and nearly July.

Been sick.
My siblings tell me I don't blog enough.
They get quite agro about it. I tell them I have a life. If I didn't have a life, I'd be exchanging pictures all day with my sister.
Like such.

.. and ..

Here's gangsta Avi. (please note it's a snapchat filter and not the real deal)

The new wheels.
The Livians got a car a month ago. It was Duey.
I needed a downgrade and they needed an upgrade.
They went in and got a Vanguard and I got their Duey.
Not crazy. Not crazy at all.

Shooting my last wedding ever tomorrow. I said that last time, but the bride is the mother of the last bride I shot and I couldn't say no to my favorite ginger Rach.
I am seriously not a fan of weddings photographically.

Monday, June 20, 2016


Covered and smothered breakfast.

Her hair does some crazy things sometimes.

It took Hub's 15 minutes to come out of school today. She was the last one out when usually she's the first one out. Sounds like she had a dilemma. Robert-William celebrated his birthday today and his grandmother bought cake for everyone at the school. She knew and her teacher knew that she wasn't allowed the cake, but she insisted. Eventually, the teacher cut her a small piece and she ran out to the car. Knowing it was contraband.
Mum, I have cake.
You can't have it. You're gluten free.
But I just want the cake.
But you're gluten free.
I just want some cake.
You can't! You're gluten free!
So hungry got her cake followed by a belly ache.


Tonight for FHE.

Excuse her false doctrine.
Men will not be punished from their own sins.
That lisp!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

An update.

Heeeeey AviAviiii.
She's 5 months now and very yummy.

Le Frost.

Wanted to wear a skort and no thermal under her shirt on a minus 1 morning.

These ones are mostly for Sister, Nina and Livian ... who needs to get the same couch for his house and probably sister too. Got a new lounge this week because I needed one. I made one of my nieces sit on the floor because of potential toe jams.

Mitchy finally gave me the lamp after 4 years of asking.
Story behind it. They went to Harvey Norman one day and she can spot yellow clearance stickers from space with her eyes closed and hands tied behind her back. The lamp was originally $1000. She got it for $19. I pretty much wanted it the first time I saw it and now and again straight up asked for it. I even had one of her kids carry it to my car once. She finally budged this week.
Now I need a million dollars to buy Avi from her and our house will be complete! I'll swap you Tyler.
That table in front of it, Hub's red school desk, is being picked up tonight thanks to the Heneroids.

It's a hard thing changing your house around when you've been use to the same way for most of your life. In 37 years, the couch has never ever been on that wall before. Ever. But the thing was so huge it couldn't fit in the normal spot so I moved everything around. It works. It made my lounge bigger. I thought to move the TV, but it's fine there. I decided that people who visit me aren't allowed to watch TV. They visit to visit and so the TV stays in that awkward place.

I need to start carrying my camera around.
I'm downgrading my car this week. I got the Murano because I thought I was getting one or two more kids and needed the bigger vehicle. Now that I'm not, I have to downgrade to something more economical.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Lullaby.

Years ago when Larry and I use to discuss having kids, we told each other that if any were to grace us, we'd sing a certain lullaby to them every night.

We both forgot when Hubba came along and he made up his own songs to sing to her. I have never ever mentioned to anyone about what Larry and I talked about that many years ago. I never ever told anyone the song either. It all slipped my mind after all these years.

Last night in bed after reading a book to Hub's she asks me to "sing the song". I've only ever written that plan we made in my 2004 journal and no one has access to it and she can't read properly yet.

What song?
The lullaby.
How does it go?
It starts like goodnight.

Sometimes I think she must be some kind of amazing to have the veil so thin before her. It's kind of all I want some days.

Goodnight, time to call it a day.
Sleep tight, dream your troubles away.
Goodnight, in spite of any sorrow
There's a brand new day
On it's way tomorrow.

Some day, all your dreams will come true
Some way, for me and you.
So close your eyes
And dream of it my darling,
Till then goodnight, goodnight sleep tight. 

Goodnight Hubbumdelish.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The haps.

Sister had her 4th and she looks pretty grumpy and she was early and she doesn't have a name yet.
I call her Whaea Les. They better come up with a name before I give her her official nickname and you know there's no turning back when I give a nickname.
Eg. The Bebs.

Hubs and Rome being special.

Lost her second tooth .. actually .. didn't lose it, I yanked it out because it was hanging by a thread.

I use to hate Frank's hot sauce. Then Larry died and I decided I love it. Pretty sure I've become his ideal woman since his death because I officially like everything he liked.

Need I say more.
5 months old.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Bad dreams.

Hubs had a bad dream lastnight. She didn't tell me the contents of her dream this morning like she usually does, but she mentioned it was a very very bad dream and motioned that she just didn't want to talk about it.

She went about her day enjoying her time with Aunty Tashi, Ngawi and Rome. She left at 9am and was gone til 5pm. When she got back she talked about her bad dream again. I recall her telling Mitchy about it, but I was otherwise incapacitated ... and I'm sure Mitchy wasn't listening.

When we came home tonight I noticed she turned every light on just to take her socks back into her bedroom. When she went to the bathroom she hugged me before she slowly made her way down the hallway and when I told her to take a laundry basket back into the bathroom and coughed during her walk back, she got such a fright she ran into my arms crying. She did this for the next two hours and it started to get irritating.

Forgetting about the bad dream I gave her a long lecture about how our house is safe and she shouldn't be scared in our house. I asked her what we ask for in our prayers every night and if anything bad has ever happened when we pray for safety. I had hoped this would ease whatever her worry was.

When I told her to brush her teeth it was like the end of the world because I didn't want to go with her into the bathroom. I never have to accompany her into the bathroom when she brushes her teeth so I told her off and forced her to do it because let's be real ... at minute 38 in the All Blacks vs Wales test, it was some intense play and I wasn't going anywhere for anyones dental hygiene.

I sent her to bed and her whimpers began almost immediately. 

M u m.

Then I remembered the bad dream. I jumped in bed with her and asked her about it. She said it was too scary to retell and she got quite upset. I prodded some more and she buried her head in the pillow and repeated that it was just too scary. I went through everything I thought it could be. Monsters? Zoo Gorillas? Ghosts? Zombies? The All Blacks losing tonight's game?

Then I remembered she had told Mitchy about the dream and reminded her of that.

"There was a button on the couch and if I touched it my eyes would go swirly and everyone's eyes went swirly who touched it".

Bless her, but I rolled my eyes. 

You forget as an adult what's unbelievably scary to a child. You forget that their minds are still fragile and they don't have a real concept of what scary truly is. To my 17 year old niece, scary is her Dad taking her iPhone off her. I told Hubs that everyone has bad dreams and when she has one all she needs to do is wake up and she'll be safe.

We said a prayer because half time was nearly over. We prayed for good dreams with lolly clouds, sugar rainbows and unicorns you could fly to Auckland. Also prayed that the All Blacks would come out of their losing score and said amen and before I left her in the room listening to Kirk Franklins Smile on repeat ..

Mum, what's your bad dream?
Pepsi not making Pepsi Max anymore.

For real.

All Blacks won.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Baby #7

Sister had her baby this morning.
She came with finger gestures and everything.

She looks like a kitten or something.
No name .. but I'm calling her Whaea Les.
And that, Internets, is all of them!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Sabbath.

The Squad. This is only 3 of the babies born in the ward in the last 10 months.
AviAvi is, naturally, my favorite.

Rome wanted pancakes.
So Mitchy made pancakes.

As you can see, they turned out fantastic.

After 18 years, I finally got out of the primary - although technically I have not been released, but was sustained into my new Stake calling.

I'm in the RS.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Love all, trust a few.

A mixture of stuff happened during the week. Nessa getting braces was the highlight and after spending 3 years whining about needing braces, she's had them on for 2 days and wants them off. She said they hurt, but I know it's the food restriction that's bothering her more.
It's an entertaining ordeal.

Darrell and Hub's playing together this morning at Ma's house

Rome's clay creations.

Big Fish and Little Fish.

Ravi. Next to albacore sushi, she's the next most delicious thing in the whole world.

Haven't been at church for two weeks. Other things were happening so it wasn't by choice, but I've enjoyed the break to be honest. You have to be mentally prepared for Sunday sometimes. The ward is a combination of people you look forward to seeing and people you'd rather not share air with. Sometimes I dread going, sometimes I don't.

I sometimes wonder how smooth things would run if a woman ran the show.
May lightening not strike me on my path today.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Life is a box of cho-co-la-tays.

With braces all the rage right now with the girls in the family, I want to avoid the expense. When I saw Hub's tooth growing through at an angle, I quickly did something about it.

It only took a few pulls and she was very brave about it. She was more upset about the blood than the pain it took to wiggle that baby out successfully.

I feel like Forrest Gump waiting for her to finish school. Sometimes I go 20 minutes early and wait outside, but the joy is in her face every time she see's the car and Mum inside waiting. She asked to walk home with the other kids, but that 650 meters isn't for a 5 year old to make with other 5 year olds and unreliable 10 year olds.

I'll let her walk to the bus stop when she's at High School .. maybe.

My Mum's birthday today and all she wanted was 4 bags of compost.
You're never too old to be a weirdo.
Happy 57th Whaea Les.

Summer part 2

Nessa envisioned this shoot with my nephew Ellis. They pulled it all together very well. Hubs was supposed to be in it, but got stage fright...