Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Teeth, baby, Oz.

Her first tooth falling out is imminent. There are two others that are close behind. She's knows the tooth fairy isn't real and I told her Papa Greg was going to give her two bucks per tooth. Don't judge, but I'm keeping every tooth that comes out. Unless it's a rotten one that smells like expired parmesan cheese.

We had Ravi Avi today and got minimal school done because of that, but it's ok. We made memories instead.

Our delicious.

Then there's that naughty Shultz in the back who smothers Avi to a point where she either 1. Get's told off or 2. Makes the baby cry.
Today she did both.

Back to Oz for The Livian tomorrow.
Safe trip sossie.

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Melissa said...

She's beautiful.

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