Friday, May 20, 2016

Sick. Always sick.

Next week is going to be a busy one. I knew there was a reason why I didn't want to enroll the child until after next week, but it is OK. Things will work out.

First things first.
Get better.

My Mum visited on Wednesday and stayed most of the day. She was coughing and all kinds of good crap that just circulated around my lounge and eventually, attached itself to my body and now I'm sick. Hub's was sick yesterday too and had her first day off, but she wanted to go to school this morning even though she's still sick.

Chicken soup doesn't heal anything. Even the Nyquil betrayed me. It wasn't until I had a double shot around 1am ... I actually don't remember anything after that.

Using the weekend to make myself better so I can enjoy next week and our trip to Auckland next weekend.

Because this is funny. Especially that last guy.

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