Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Shots from the iPhone.

Delish-plumpy RaviAvi. The girl uses me for sleep. She knows I won't put her down and instead will cuddle her while she sleeps for hours in my loving embrace. Within minutes of holding her, most times she digs her nose into my armpit and falls asleep or maybe my deodorant is on point.

Dinner at Gengy's last night with The Livians. They need to open that place for lunch so we don't have to take all the kids.

Drove all over the motu today looking for raw milk. We even went to Napier.

Chantal's health store in Napier has raw milk, but only sells to club members. I got whole milk from Chantal's by Origin Earth. They also sell Yerba Mate.

I did find some coconut chips and cacao chocolate, which I'll keep in my cupboard for those really hard up days when the lack of sugar becomes unbearable.

Hohepa is a little community that caters to mentally disabled people. They also sell cheeses and raw milk. 20km for a bottle of raw milk. Worth it .. and when one of the residents of Hohepa offered a hug on my way out, I accepted it. Hub's LOVED the new milk. It's so creamy she said with her thick milk mustache.

Pak n Save Napier and their cheap chicken nibbles/wings. Garlic Parm and Franks hot sauce covered with ranch for dinner.

The Raw Milk Shop was a raw milk vendor just down the road, literally. 3kms away and I drove by it every day. Only when I researched what milk to get for my sugar-free life a few days ago did I read that they'd taken the sign down and shut up shop because of the new compliance's and policies they couldn't afford. I don't want to go organic at all, but I do want to support the produce businesses in the area and buy eggs from the farms, free range or not, they all taste the same. Ultimately ... I'd like a garden, some chickens and maybe a cow.

This isn't a new me .. it's just an adjustment of the old me.
Hub's starts school in June sometime.


Me said...

Mahonris family had cows in high school. They used to escape and our dates would be spent wrangling cows. :)

Melissa said...

Nothing like a decent deodorant smell man.
My bro used to work on a dairy farm and would bring raw milk home. So good. So how come the hubster is starting school in June? You can't drop that bombshell man then leave!!

CamillaS said...

Melissa: After writing this post, my Mum visited late at night and talked me out of it. I'm still in contemplation mode as of today.

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