Saturday, May 7, 2016

First Saturday in May.

Found a paleo recipe for apple cinnamon muffins using coconut flour. Those green apples had been sitting on the table for about 3 weeks. I'm surprised they still had a crunch to them. Peeled, diced then stewed them to add to the concoction.

I expected an omelet because the recipe called for 5 eggs and 1/2 c of coconut flour. I didn't want to taste them to be honest, but apart from the gritty texture, they're not too bad. The texture reminds me of ... tamales. I wonder if I can make tamales out of coconut flour.

Low carbing among friends had a delicious looking casserole on their page this morning and I just so happened to have the ingredients. Tried it and aside from the brussel sprouts, which I LOVE, everything else was not a mixture made in food heaven. I ended up picking out all the sprouts and just eating those. No points from me for that recipe.

Plasticine mermaids.

We spent an hour writing Mothers Day cards this evening.

We're having soup and bread at The Parentals tomorrow after church for the madres in the family. I made Irish Stew and cornbread ... cornbread I can't have because of the sugar.

I quit sugar.
Day 7.

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