Sunday, May 29, 2016

What a week.

An enjoyable week, but a very long week.
I'll say it with pictures because that long drive back from Auckland was brutal, thanks to the rain that followed us all the way back to Hastings, and I just want to go to bed.


Huka Falls, Taupo.

In Auckland for the baptism, family time and drop off.

On top of that .. I spent part of the week feeling anxious about a Stake calling. Seriously thought they were calling me to be the new seminary teacher. I had some WTF moments during the week and when I had my interview, it wasn't even close. I had been worrying for nothing.

... finally out of the Primary.
It took 18 years.

Goodnight Internets. I. Am. Done.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

No blog posts. No bueno.

This week was always going to be a busy week, but I hate the idea of going without a post for the week.

Our visitors made it safe to Hawkes Bay! Last night we treated them to the best Fish n Chips in the area (apparently) with raw fish, mussels, scallops and paua from HB seafoods. Their taste test was minuscule and I'm glad I told them after they ate most of the paua that it was basically a sea slug. When you say seafood in NZ, it does not necessarily mean cooked.

They headed out with Tyler this morning to spend the day in Napier. I don't know that there's much to do in Napier that would take a whole day, but they'll find something. At least the weather is behaving.

I had plans to cook great meals, but I'm contaminated with flu-like symptoms and cooking right now is not ideal.

I also got in trouble for enrolling Edge earlier than I said at school. You can't win with the powers that be. It takes sacrificing your first born to get her into home school and the exact same to get her out. She has the rest of the week off to finish her current home school courseware .. which is sewing.

Sewing vs Fractions.
Which would you choose.

More later.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

That shirt.

I rock the same shirt every day. Most days. If I'm not wearing it, it's because I either wore it to bed the night before or because it didn't dry from washing it the night before. I'm certain everyone notices I wear the same shirt daily. My family do. My Mum offered to buy me new clothes. She also threatened to burn the shirt and tried to pull it up and over my head one day.

Lately, one of my nieces has been asking why I wear the same shirt. She asked if it was because I didn't like going shopping. She asked if it was because I like the color black. She asked if it was because it makes me comfortable. She was close with the comfortable part.

Two days before his death, Larry wore the shirt into the ER department. When they put a line into his arm he bled all over the shirt. They had to cut the cuff of the sleeve because it got snagged in the line. He told me to keep the shirt for his DNA. He said I'd be able to clone him if he died. When they moved him to the ICU the day before he died, he had the shirt with him. Dried blood and all, I wore it to bed that night because it smelled like him.

I slept with the shirt on my pillow for 3 days up until we buried him. I began to wear it and washed it when his scent finally wore off - a week later.

I wear it every day and I'll keep wearing it until it's not wearable anymore. The sleeve is tattered and the dried blood has been replaced with Avi's vomit. I wash it every night. It's faded. It's too big for me, but it's his and I wear it because of that.

I also spray my bed with his cologne every morning and when I run out, I buy another one or The Livian's replace it because they know my ritual. I smell it on people sometimes. He wasn't the only one who wore that scent, but I always do a double take at the slightest trace of it.

And so .. for those that wondered .. that's why I wear the same shirt every day. I also bring it up a notch during winter and add his Old Navy hoodie to the mix.
Because it's his.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Sick. Always sick.

Next week is going to be a busy one. I knew there was a reason why I didn't want to enroll the child until after next week, but it is OK. Things will work out.

First things first.
Get better.

My Mum visited on Wednesday and stayed most of the day. She was coughing and all kinds of good crap that just circulated around my lounge and eventually, attached itself to my body and now I'm sick. Hub's was sick yesterday too and had her first day off, but she wanted to go to school this morning even though she's still sick.

Chicken soup doesn't heal anything. Even the Nyquil betrayed me. It wasn't until I had a double shot around 1am ... I actually don't remember anything after that.

Using the weekend to make myself better so I can enjoy next week and our trip to Auckland next weekend.

Because this is funny. Especially that last guy.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Like how the French people greet, but only on one side.

Larry's niece is traveling to NZ next week with her friend post grad. The timing worked out perfectly because next week we go to Auckland for Larell's baptism.

Corresponding with her over the last few months, I forgot the most important thing and sent off an email this morning. The universal social etiquette decree is that a handshake would suffice when greeting, maybe a hug with acquaintances. But us Polynesians like to take it to an uncomfortable level with a hug, kiss and possibly a hongi.

Let me tell you a story about Mitchy, the convert, who didn't know she wasn't supposed to kiss the missionaries on the cheek when she first met them. This is common practice in New Zealand and the missionaries, because of the Polynesian culture to do so, took that as an exception to their rule of an acceptable greeting.

So I thought about this for Larry's niece and her visit. The only person that ever greeted me the Polynesian way in the US was a woman in my ward who had a Tongan husband. She knew the ways of us coconut-tree climbers. It was awkward because after years of hugging American's, I was suddenly kissed on the cheek.

I remember teaching Larry how to greet the family the kiss-on-the-cheek way before each visit. He did not like the act and preferred a handshake.

So while I was thinking about it over the weekend I had to ask myself .. Is it better to tell my family not to kiss the Americans because it's not what they do? or is it better to tell the Americans that they have to kiss my family.

I opted to warn Larry's niece. It's like how it's easier to say PMS than to say Estrogen induced manic depressive bipolar disorder with tendencies of psychopathic rage.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Happy Birthday ... again.

Coral Kaa is 14 today. I didn't see her, but I rang her and asked how her day was. She told me she had diarrhea at school and her Dad wouldn't go pick her up, but she didn't let that dampen her birth day.

Hubba's first day at school was great. She came home and gave me a lesson on halves and how to split a brownie equally between 4 peoples. Her 8pm bedtime couldn't come any sooner. I'm about ready to go watch my Periscope family in bed.

This new 7:45am wake up call is an acquired taste. I broke my no-pepsi-max-for-a-month rule just to stay awake today.

First day of school.

Well, it's gone to school. She was so excited yesterday about school that it made me a lil bit depressed. We woke up early this morning and got ready. I pretty much just dropped her off and left. She's going to be just fine. She has her sister, her cousins, which is half the school if not all of the school, and Aunty Tashi is her class teacher aide.

I wish I had known how amazing it is to go to the supermarket without kids. Nothing contraband in the trolley and no negotiations about how potato chips are better than apples.

School report later.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Happy Birthday Brother 2.

Brother 2 is 39 today.
He and brother 1 will be the same age until July.
Waimea will be 13 tomorrow.
He and his sister Coral will be the same age until her birthday on Monday.
Aunty Vi was 56 on Monday.
She and her sister, my Mum, will be the same age until my Mums birthday next month.

No such thing as waiting in my family, I tell ya.

Here's me and brother 2 on a wooden horse in 1979.
My earliest memory of him was him asleep with a clump of pineapple hubba bubba in his mouth and trying to fish it out with my finger for my own pie hole. It was a success.
Another memory was when we were 8 and 10 and my Mum had gone into the supermarket. The impatient cuss started screaming at the top of his lungs HURRY UP MUM. She couldn't hear him. She was inside the shop and I told him that. So he cried and if I knew what WTF was back then, I would have totally said it to him.

Love you long time Reid L'Amour.


My Hubs starts school on Monday.
She is SO excited.
She had a test run today and loved it.

Homeschooling was successful and great, but the junior teacher at the local school is the cream of the crop.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Due for a family reunion.

My cousin posted this to FB tonight. Just a few of my first cousins and my two brothers.

35 years later.
The one with the ears, Tori, died back in 91 and Glen, no current photos.



Danny K


Dave (Huhana).



Obviously I don't look a day over 22.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Listening to Beyonce's Hold Up.

Today is day 11 of no sugar. I'm not as angry about it as I was the first five days. I will admit, I had a sausage McMuffin for breakfast and opted for the big kiwi breakfast over the hot cakes at McDonald's this morning. Mitchy ate the hash brown and the extra muffins that came with my meal. Secretly, I hated her eating them.

I'm taking the weekend off the weekend of the 27th. That weekend will mark close to a month of no sugar, but it's a family weekend and I want dumplings in Auckland and we all know how much I love dumplings.

It would be sick and wrong to turn down a 15 dumplings for $5.

Back up! They don't love you like I love you Japanese dumplings ...

Monday, May 9, 2016

Two of four.

While we were eating tonight at the dinner table.

They argue like 12 years olds. Like tonight ...

If you don't give me my feijoa back I'm not going to be your friend and I won't talk to you.
OK then.

That's when Hubba gave back the feijoa.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mothers Day.

Diana Krall .. a musical succubus if ever I heard one.
The female version of a crooner.
Very sultry.
She made my Mothers day.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Little Mix.

From a surprising source and I have to say ... I love it.

Do not love Jason Derulo and his Craig David runs.

First Saturday in May.

Found a paleo recipe for apple cinnamon muffins using coconut flour. Those green apples had been sitting on the table for about 3 weeks. I'm surprised they still had a crunch to them. Peeled, diced then stewed them to add to the concoction.

I expected an omelet because the recipe called for 5 eggs and 1/2 c of coconut flour. I didn't want to taste them to be honest, but apart from the gritty texture, they're not too bad. The texture reminds me of ... tamales. I wonder if I can make tamales out of coconut flour.

Low carbing among friends had a delicious looking casserole on their page this morning and I just so happened to have the ingredients. Tried it and aside from the brussel sprouts, which I LOVE, everything else was not a mixture made in food heaven. I ended up picking out all the sprouts and just eating those. No points from me for that recipe.

Plasticine mermaids.

We spent an hour writing Mothers Day cards this evening.

We're having soup and bread at The Parentals tomorrow after church for the madres in the family. I made Irish Stew and cornbread ... cornbread I can't have because of the sugar.

I quit sugar.
Day 7.

Summer part 2

Nessa envisioned this shoot with my nephew Ellis. They pulled it all together very well. Hubs was supposed to be in it, but got stage fright...