Friday, April 15, 2016


A cousin died in Australia a week or so ago. He was 20. Not sure of the details, but it's a pretty sad situation. His funeral was today and after an 11:30am appointment, I was to head to the the marae to help out in the kitchen. I waited for the motorcade to drive by my house to the family cemetery at the end of the street. It was a nice day for it.

When they rolled by, we went to the marae to help in the kitchen. I met my Mum there and she told me to wash the deli meat slicer that had JUST cut the pork. There was also hot pork crackling for anyone to eat just off to the side of it. I swear I wasn't thinking about what it might taste like when I sliced the tip of my finger. A clean cut that left the skin hanging off like a deflated balloon.

Not the cleverest thing I've done before, but I drove myself to the hospital with blood pumping out of my finger to the rhythm of my heartbeat - for real. Hubba sat in the back begging me to put on a song she could sing to, while I drove with one hand.

I had my first experience ever with local anesthetic and it was a son of a bitch. On top of that I could feel EVERYTHING he did to my finger, which included pulling the flap back and cleaning it, cutting it a little more to make the healing more uniform, sutures, glue and butterfly stitches. Topped it off with a mini cast and sling that I feel were a little uncalled for.

I took the sling off in the car and declined the prescription they offered thinking it wouldn't hurt later. Then I had a discussion with Mitchy, and we all remember the time she almost became a 9 fingered woman when she tried to clean the lawn mower blade with her bare hand, who basically said it gets worse.

My hand is still numb in three fingers and I type this with one hand, my thumb on my right and and the index finger. The rest feel dead and when I wanted to give someone the middle finger tonight at the ward disco, I had to point to it because for the life of me, I can't feel it to raise it on its own.

Then there was the ward primary disco. My playlist bombed. Lucky we had candy to throw out otherwise they would have all sat down.

My weekend will be spent with my two good friends Nurofen and Codeine. My boyfriend Nyquil may also serve a purpose in this case.

Goodnight Internets.

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Melissa said...

That sucks man. It's good you went though and I think it's great you're taking drugs. Good luck man. It gets worse before it gets better but then it gets better and you end up with a sweet scar.

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