Monday, April 11, 2016

This on Monday.

She's been asking what a ruler was for. She mistook it, quite cleverly, for a level that Papa Greg pulls out sometimes to balance his atrocious outside dining table. Figuring it out was an effort and takes lots of patience from the teachers part. You take for granted that when a child see's something for the first time, like a ruler, they don't know it from a coat hanger. I haven't taught her how it measures yet, she's just getting the idea of it making straight lines. Now all her join-the-dot books are going to look square, but it's ok ... sometimes life brings you squares.
There are several of them in my family.

We both turned into angry birds during the shoelace tying.  She was trying to put one rabbit ear through another rabbit ear because she couldn't find the rabbit hole. We got knotted up a few times and she gave up in tears. Five minutes later, she had it. I gave her a Fruit Burst (faux Starburst) so she would calm her farm and end those superfluous tears.

Finished a Math book. It offered a star sticker reward for every page she completed successfully. Half the chart of stars are still on the original sheet simply because of her lack in effort. If we had to go through the activity more than once, it was not deservant of a star. The other half were for A+ work!

Now she sits on her iPod (30 minute reward) watching play dough videos and sides up to me now and again to show me how you make bubble gum looking play dough.

But will you eat it if I get the pink dough?
Well it just looks so delicious.
I'll just get you bubble gum.
That makes me very sad and a eleventeenth percent angry.

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