Sunday, April 24, 2016

The zombie finger update ..

It's my finger that restricts me from constant blogging and photo taking. It aches at the slightest tap and I try protect it with layers of band aids, but the stupid thing keeps bleeding when I tap it ever so slightly on anything .. from a pillow to the top of the table.

It's amazing how much one hurt finger can change everything. I wash the dishes with one hand. I do have a solution to that, but Tyler never washes dishes properly so it's not really a solution. I cannot do Hub's hair properly and lately, she's grown a fashion sense and wants her hair looking mint. My finger has slowed me down mucho.

Pretty sure the skin has fused back together thanks to the stitches and glue, but I can see it's going to look mutant-like when it's all healed. That's glue that has yet to peel off. I tried peeling it off myself, but it pulled and stung.

Church today was overwhelming. We have unreliable teachers and a congregation that run at the mere word of 'Can you teach a class?'. I mean .. if you're going to sit in the lobby on the couches for the last two hours you may aswell teach a class. Of 5 teachers we're supposed to have, we have 2 that we can count on.

I am over Primary. I have been in that spot for going on 20 years and I am over it. 

It's the ward, not the church in general.
The ward.

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