Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Kawakawa Theory.

Kawakawa, according to my people, is a heal all and can cure everything and anything from a toothache to gonorrhea. I myself would like to know who found the cure for the latter. We went to our spot today to pick the leaves. They're pretty abundant there. My Mum, ever the green thumb, pulled out a small plant from the ground and I've planted it in a pot next to my grape (that looks like it's dying) to see what happens. An Aunty tried to grow kawakawa here, but it never took off so I'm keeping my fingers crossed with mine.

Mitchy has been using kawakawa cream on Avi's face and her skin has changed. That I can see with my own eyes. She told a story today about kawakawa healing a man with cancer. I've heard stories from Aunties of it being a soother when applied to aching joints.

Hubs and Nesas picked two bags worth and I bought them home and dried them, made kawakawa water, started an infusion with EVOO and made a beverage with lemons.

Counting on the fact that it's a cure all, if I don't look like Beyonce in a few months I'm recalling that claim and giving kawakawa a bad review in the Maori Medicine dictionary .. if there is one.

If only I knew someone with gonorrhea.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering what you were trying to cure! My husband is constipated; will this help? And where do I find kawakawa in Arizona? Lol I actually Googled "how long is it safe to be constipated before I call his doctor?" Sorry. TMI, I'm sure but you said it cured everything.

CamillaS said...

I love TMI! haha.
Kawakawa is apparently a plant the maori use to use to heal everything - even constipation I'm told. When you drink it as a tea it tastes very medicinal, similar to how Dr. Pepper tastes cough syrup like. Kawakawa's english name is Macropiper excelsum.

... constipation ... Senna tea. Smells like absolute toe jams, but should do the trick nicely! If it doesn't .. the problem is obviously bigger than Google MD :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Will pick some up tomorrow along with the oats I forgot for the lemon coconut slice. BTW, I did find arrowroot teething crackers the baby section.

Speaking of Google MD, I learned things I never wanted to know about the subject! Bodies are so much nicer when they work the way they were designed. We did know of a guy who couldn't go for 3 months! I know you are thinking, "Who waits 3 months before getting help???" He ended up losing several feet of intestines. *shudder* NOT on my watch.

CamillaS said...

I self diagnosed myself once before using Dr. Google and according to all my symptoms Dr. Google said I had erectile dysfunction.

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