Thursday, April 14, 2016

Songs for kids.

I've been sitting here for the last hour trying to find music for our primary disco tomorrow. It's hard to do because everything has boobs or drugs mentioned in it now. It's the norm. I'm close to adding some Carpenters to the playlist, but in my effort to not get embarrassed stares from Rome & Jeston tomorrow, I'm trying very hard to find something that's both appropriate and hip.

I've had to listen to a few songs the whole way through the check for words on my black list and as of right now, I'm at 57 songs (3.7 hours), but none of the songs are awesome for kids and I really don't want to know what the fox says anymore.

I'll just hope that the fact it's dark in the primary room, I can avoid the WTF stares at some of my song choices.

Really wanted to add WuTangs Gravel Pit, but it's just not appropriate.

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