Friday, April 8, 2016

Culinary Friday.

7am. Morning whispers in my right ear.
Mum. Muuuuumm. Muuuuummmmmmm. Are you awake? Can I make some pancakes for breakfast. I've been watching a lady make them on TV and I can do it by myself. I can even crack the egg and I only practiced with two, but make sure you don't get any egg shell in it. Can I Mum?
7:15am. More morning whispers.
Mmmuuummmmm. Mmmuuuummm. I turned the oven on and I found some more eggs but where's the flour?
Needless to say, been up since 7:16am.

I'm going to use my nieces as examples of how learning to cook, at any age, is essential. Besides the fact that Shaily-Fish LOVES Sgetti bolognese, it's the only thing the child can cook that doesn't consist of adding water from a kettle or pushing 3 on the microwave. The only thing I've known Nessa to cook was an omelet for one, which had 8 eggs in it. Tyler depends on McDonald's to cook for her. Rome might be the only astute one out of them all because at least she knows how to throw together random food to make something edible. eg. Jam sandwich with garlic mussels .. sometimes together in the one sandwich.

We moved on to using up the feijoas. Our local spot finally put theirs out and they're not as mammoth as they usually are, but they're good enough. I didn't want to preserve any this year because I still have enough jars in my cupboard to see me through another summer season. I do want to freeze some, but this morning we pureed a bag to make fruit roll-ups. They're still in the oven for another couple of hours, but I'm eager to see how they turn out.

We have two more lessons to do today.
Watch this space.

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