Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Wanna be happy?

What are you typing Mummy?
She's going to love the blog when I'm not here anymore. It's going to bring her the kind of peace that letters bring me when I need something more.

Yesterday I felt sorry for myself. It wasn't because of the lack of gifts, because I do have a family that didn't forget me. I just missed people and last night while I lay in bed I typed some words into the search bar 'Happy Birthday to Camilla in an American accent'. I cried a bit when nothing came up and found myself watching missionary homecomings till 4am this morning.

Regardless of yesterdays feelings, I am happy. Some days are not as happy as other days. Today began the same, rolled on slowly the same as yesterday, but my spirits were lifted when Avi farted during prayers tonight with the sister missionaries and gave everyone the giggles during a highly reverent time.

Especially for you Nessa xxx

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Melissa said...

Something's going on man. I've been 'blue' as well.

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