Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Sight words: We're currently at 21 sight words. I try to add 1 a week, but for the next 2 weeks she has 5 to learn: run - he - out - do - red.

Her writing is OK. The repetition in the writing books bore her and she starts to slack off towards the end and her e's begin to look like o's by the end of the line. I've had the alphabet on her blackboard for the last week and she's run back to that a few times to spell things out on her desk blackboard.
Mum, how do you spell idiot?
And how do you spell Jeston?
But that's the same.

Maths and Reading. Doing OK with math. I have not yet added in multiplication and division. Later this week she'll learn how to count in 10s. The reading books we have from the school are awesome. She can read with them fine with very little help.

I can submit her application for home schooling towards the end of July. In the meantime, I'm researching for Nessa's application to home school.
It's a headache.
She's a headache.

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