Monday, March 14, 2016

Science & Art

Kmart has a science aisle in their toy section that is awesome for the home schooling type and products are available at a reasonable cost. Last week I picked up the volcano eruption experiment and a paint your own mug kit. Hub's enjoyed her 2 hours of science and art this morning.

Selfie portrait: blue person with two pony tails. Can also be mistaken for el diablo.

Lately we've been starting and ending our day with the Children's Book of Mormon stories. Tonight she was pretty interested in Lehi's vision re: The Iron Rod. She loves church and I love that she does. I know when I was little, I remembering telling my Aunties that I wanted to stay home, but when I think back on the reasons why .. it was because we always moved between a Branch my grandfather was president of 12kms away and our actual ward here in the area.  So I blame my lack of primary participation during those formative years due to that fact.

I got Avi last night during her witching  hour and decided I wasn't going to be her friend today. Forgave her, but wasn't in the mood for it today. It's OK because her Dad is home on his R&R and she belongs to him until he leaves in a few days.

Also .. was opened to the wide world of Periscope yesterday and I love it.

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