Monday, March 28, 2016

No más de chocolate

Thanks to Proper Tasty, I found a recipe to use up my Hot Cross buns and chocolate. These were gluten free and unless I put more butter on than what's healthy, they tasted like what you'd expect from gluten free bread. The chocolate needs to vanish from my house so I can start that diet I've been starting every year for the last ten.
You will need:
Hot cross buns & chocolate.

Break up the chocolate, like so.

Butter the buns.

Do this.

1 c of milk (unsweetened almond in this batch)
2 tbsp splenda (or sugar)
1 egg

150°c for 30 minutes on bake.

Rush Munroes double chocolate is Gluten Free.
It will be a good night stomach-wise for Edge after this dessert.

Sent the last lot up the road to The Livians.  I don't like bread pudding and this resembled bread pudding. Aunty Marva use to make 'bread sop' all the time.
It makes me gag just thinking about it.

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