Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The law of concecration/minimalism.

If you had 5 minutes to leave your house forever, what would you take with you?

Since November I've been downsizing in an attempt to live shades of the law of consecration, being a minimalist, and slowly I've been getting rid of items that are just stuff. If I haven't given it away, I've thrown it away. I sat down one day as I was folding towels and thought to myself, why do I need this many towels? It continued on to, why do I need this many plates, knives, forks, cups, lamps, blankets? Soon it became, If you don't use it don't keep it and I've offloaded lots of stuff that people have appreciated.

I don't need everything that I have and I'm working my way through it all for the purpose of abiding by the law of consecration - or living minimally - and it's made me realize I'm richer than I think.

In those imaginable 5 minutes I'd honestly be able to leave almost everything behind. Nothing is more important than memories and all my photos are on a portable hard drive and I'm going to eventually scan 20 years of journals and store them on a 1TB USB. I'm leaving with my flight pack, child and my memories on 2TBs.

It's nice to have things to make life comfortable, but in the event that you have to walk away from it all, that stuff doesn't matter.

I'll let you know how that goes.


Melissa said...

I like it.

Me said...

i love it! becoming more of a minimalist was really life changing for me too. and i lie your comparison to if you had to leave your house. there is actualy a cool tumblr/book about that called The Burning House you should look up about what you would take with you if your house was burning. I wrote a couple Medium articles about it too, because we have really radically changed our lives since moving into the bus and then the boats, but it has been a positive change. I hope you find it continues to be for you guys too!!! :D

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