Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Dentist.

A good day at the dentist. Hub's has been brushing her teeth right since I gave her the job a year ago. I read that letting kids use kids toothpaste was a bad idea, but there is nothing wrong with that Spiderman toothpaste I got her because her teeth are just fine. I also removed muesli and granola from her diet since the last visit because of the havoc it supposedly wrecks on teeth. Juice and soda-pop was another suggested removal, but she very rarely gets either. Since McDonalds switched for a 50% less sugar in their black current drink, she's opted for H20.

The dentist was happy after a top-up filling and some fluoride.

We won't have to see her for another 12 months.

Went to visit Avi .. as we do daily.

It's raining!

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