Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The chemical elements.

This lucky monkey got a dress in the mail from Ariel today. Hubs was pretty excited. She threw off the clothes she had on and replaced it with the new dress, which she wants to wear again tomorrow to show her dental nurse.
Thanks Ariel-o!
Dress from Princess Awesome.

If there's one way to rep the periodic table, it's by wearing it.

I wish I could show you all the communication between Nina and I. It's extremely crude and unbelievably hilarious. I sent this photo to her earlier. It's Avi's plunket nurse. Mitchy, Nina and the plunket nurse use to work together at the $2 shop back when Nessa was a baby. It's good to know that 1 of 3 got out of Loserville and even though I may very well have replaced her, that statistic is still good.

It's been too hot during the day and I seriously need to mow my lawns.
Tyler moves out on the 7th.
My birthday is on the 8th.
It's a birthday wish come true.
Love you Jenny-Alma to the moon and back fifty times, but you gots to go!
Go and climb the ladder .. like that Indian song.


Me said...

Yay! Glad it arrived :) Chemistry was always one of my favorites in school, so thought that was quite a dress.

Melissa said...

Ooooooooo check out your new fancy topper!!! Looking good. Happy bday for the 8th. Hope it's great. That dress is amazing.

CamillaS said...

It's the Instagram scroll. I'm trying to like it!

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