Thursday, February 4, 2016

School Day 3.

Sight words in and go.
Add those to the, I and am and we're getting somewhere.

Stop taking photos - monotone.

Kudo's to the teachers of the local school who let me borrow books. I'm still conflicted about enrolling her. Picked up an enrollment form today and will look it over during the weekend and decide. I'd be interested in splitting the week. 2 days there 3 days at home, but I don't know how legal that is within New Zealand as far as the MoE are concerned.
Book: I am playing. Focused on the sight words, I, am and in.

She didn't like the sticker because it had a worm on it and worms make apples rotten.

I've just remembered that I use to watch Dragon Ball Z like it were gospel .. as an adult.

Happy Birthday to Papa Greg. We bought all his favorite goodies from the supermarket, wrote him a card, had dinner with him and it made his day. Livian got in tonight on his week long R&R from work. TPPA was signed this morning. It did not bring New Zealand together like social media is saying. Protesting the inevitable is wasted energy, but most importantly ... it's Superbowl weekend!

I'm going to have myself a Superbowl party.
Go Broncos!


Melissa said...

Why the conflict with putting her in the local school? It's sounds ideal. I'm asking honestly not accusingly 😉

CamillaS said...

She did so well last year here at home, like extremely well, but the local school has a new principal and a new teacher and I LOVE that new teacher!

It really is ideal, but so is home school!
Hence the conflict.

Me said...

It's over 9000!! You mean you don't still watch DBZ??? On that note, my mom texted me to tell me that comiccon was "coming to town" and I was like, poor mom, comiccon is what Portland is, and I live in Seattle, which has one of the biggest comiccon in the world. I have coworkers who dress like sailor Moon regularly and its nbd. DBZ for life!

Also, have you watched new X-files yet?

CamillaS said...

Ariel: have not seen the new x-Files yet, but I need to!

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