Monday, February 1, 2016

School Day 1- 2016

Not all schools started today. Some schools used common sense and gave a week extra because it's a long holiday weekend this weekend - kia ora Waitangi day - while other schools knew parents were close to murdering their offspring and started today.

While we wait for school resources, we're back on sight words. I tried what Tashi suggested and I tried what the teacher at the school suggested. Both were successful, but I tried something different incorporating all of what had been suggested plus art. Step One: Tashi's way was to have her read the word in a sentence and write it out. Step Two: The teachers way was to  have her find the word in a small story. Add those together then add in the art part and ten points to Ravenclaw.
Todays sight words: the and I.

"I" was easy.

Mum the little I looks like a half j.

Counting. The summer break was obviously too long, she forgot what the numbers looked like from 11 - 20. We had a violent episode where she broke the purple crayon because she was writing the number 2 like the letter e. Problem solved with a revisit to the numbers book. Counting is easy for Hubs. She can count to 60 before she goes back to 19 again.

Placing numbers in the correct ascending order wasn't too much of a headache. Once I gave her the first number she caught on.

Kinetic sand time. That stuff is a menace and I've told her if I find any on the floor it's back to forming shapes and frosting pretend cakes with fresh air.

Home work tonight will be revisiting the and I and the number 2.

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