Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Play Day.

Excuse the dirty nails, they've been cut since this photo was taken. I don't know what this contraption is, but it kept her occupied for 30 minutes.

All her school stuff is loaded onto her new school computer (Thank you Livians) and she's learned the basics around the desktop, starting up the school apps and shutting down the computer. I still remember years ago how horrid it was trying to teach her how to use a mouse. I still have the sticker on the same mouse representing which side she needs to click to enter a program. Now she's a bit of a whiz.

Basketball began today. She has a new team and was a little anxious about being without her cousin Darrell, but she has the best coaches this year.  Uncle Dion and Uncle Ia are the best. Edge got two tries today .. or whatever they're called in basketball.

In the baskets?

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Me said...

no one knows. go sports it up hubs!

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