Wednesday, February 10, 2016

No bueno chocolate.

I like to avoid my nurse and Doctor. So when I rocked up to the clinic today with a smile on my face, I was greeted with a telling off for avoiding my appointments, and their phone calls, for the last ... since August.

Wasn't good news. I'm not dying, but I'll die sooner if I don't shape up and since Mitchy had a few pots laying around her house going to waste ...

My exercise is mowing the lawns once a fortnight (bi-monthly). The reason I don't like going for walks around here is because I don't want to be stopped cos someone wants to have a conversation with me and around here, that's every second house. The reason I don't like going for walks anywhere else is because I don't want to.

It's fashionable to walk up Te Mata Peak.
Will I burn as much calories walking down it? in jandals?

Here's to Vogels bread and lettuce.


Melissa said...

Sucks being hungry. Good luck.

Unknown said...

Awesome mella - get it done kare - I'm in week 6 of my lifestyle change and I wouldn't change it for old habits again. New year new you 😊

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