Monday, February 29, 2016

New 4 hour regime.

I'd like to write something fantastic, but after 4 hours of school .. I cannot be bothered.
The day went like this:
Math, reading, writing, sight words, art, science, music.
I missed history and language.

Making air with a concertina fan.

I got offered a deal with a US based Home Schooling system. If I #hashtag certain home schooling words on Instagram, they'll send me free resources once a month. Sometimes it's more annoying than actually schooling her, but it's worth it because the resources they offer are amazing eg. Beginners Spanish - which is first on my list.

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Me said...

I've been trying to get resources for my class that way, through social media deals, because I work for a nonprofit so any materials we get are either donated by parents with no $$$ or bought by me. Or, hopefully soon, donated by companies whose stuff I help promote.

Welcome to the future?

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