Tuesday, February 9, 2016


One of the blogs on my daily roll follows a widow and her journey through life after losing her love. One of her more recent posts talks about loving again and her desire to do such sometime soon.

I was having a conversation with Mitchy the other day and I told her I thought love was a trickster because you fall in love over and over again with all these different people in your life only to lose them to death. We concluded that love was an unfair son-of-a-bee.

Yesterday in church during fast & testimony meeting two testimonies stood out for me. The first came from my cousin who spoke about the birth of his baby and how heart stopping it was to see her exit with the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. He testified to choice and death and how he would have switched places with her because he loved her. Seconds old and he loved her THAT much.

The second one was a conversion story and how this person was completely converted to the truth of what we believe. Again it made mention to a child/children and although it wasn't the heart burning sensation that some people get, it was such an experience that was not to be underestimated by it's simpleness, but understood by it's pureness. Without meeting the children he spoke of, he loved them enough to be converted.

I will not love again like I did my Larry and that's not because I have a family full of judgmental mofo's who will rip a new husband to shreds, but because he is my one and only. I do not need companionship when I have family surrounding me. I do not want companionship because I don't believe anyone else in the world was meant to love me like he did.

My ginger friend Rach, whose wedding I shot on Valentines Day last year, had a sentence in her wedding vows that touched my heart so much I couldn't stop thinking about it and made her email them.
I can’t promise to solve all your problems, but I can promise that you won’t have to face them alone
And just when I think that that statement isn't true for me because I'm less a person, I'm reminded that God's love is unconditional. His gospel message is that of divine rescue which resulted in Christ's sacrifice. That sacrifice bridges the gap between us and Eternity, where I will forever be loved by the one I love with the ones I love.

Love is most definitely unfair, but it's ever changing and Eternal.

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Melissa said...

Great post. How different we all are.
You're like elder Scott. He only had eyes for janiene.

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