Friday, February 19, 2016


Hats off to all mothers out there who have more than one child. It's enough to leave you nuts.

I spent the last 12 hours with Mitchy and the crew and the worst one of them all was that newborn. I told Avi she sucked a few times today because she was in a foul mood for most of the afternoon.

Dealing with teenagers who hate you every other day, who are lazy and delay doing their jobs who have phone and social media addictions to the boy who doesn't want to shower, who instead sprays his entire body with Lynx (Axe in the US) to cover his stench to the 7 year old who cries at basically anything who thinks your bed in a trampoline to the visiting 5 year old who is a little bit of a control freak and is fluent in being a smart ass to that newborn baby who can't tell you what the hell she's crying about because she doesn't know how to talk yet. All at once.

A newborn is not all peaches and cream. Love our Avi to bits, but today she made me want to come home, crawl into my closet and do some serious rocking back n forth. I stayed because ... Mitchy doesn't have a closet.

She does all this husband-less for 26 days of the month.
Mitchy is a Superwoman and THAT is why her hair looked crazy the other day.

With her side kick ... Ultimate Warrior (because I couldn't draw Batman properly).

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