Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Week 2 of 2016.

I've decided me and my house will have Christmas at home this year. It's been a little miserable and I'm going to part ways with the family and do something with me and mine. It's less complicated and I have been put off by Christmas 2015.

We're two weeks into the new year and if you've taken the 52-week money challenge like I have, you should have $3 in that savings account. I'm trying over several different accounts to cater for several different things at the end of the year, but we'll see how that goes.

I've been all over pasta lately. Pinned myself a heap of recipes for cold pasta salads and they've  been welcomed in the house. This weeks salad is a Hawaiian Macaroni salad. I've tried to recreate the L&L's BBQ recipe from several different online recipes and it's pretty close.

The local Aquatic center use to be the place to go when I was a youngin'. That was before Onekawa Pools got a make over and Splash Planet was born. One memory I have of the place was playing a game with some kids and their Dad. He was throwing a 50 cent coin into the pool and the first one to find it was the winner. Did not know who he was then, but a few years later he married my Mother and became Papa Greg and part of the crazy.

We shared the whole place with a family of 6 this afternoon. 14 of us and 6 of them plus 2 life guards.
Population 22. $2.50 entry. No complaints.

The little fish is just not ready to come out yet.
Come on Baby!

Sleeping on the veranda at Ma's. We use to do this as kids too, of course I ran home every time because I was chicken, but it was still nice with all my cousins. Nan lit a fire (a fairly legal one) and the brats roasted marshmallows and had themselves some chocolate wheaten smores. I asked Hub's if she wanted to sleep and her no was pretty firm because there's no walls to keep the zombies out if you sleep outside.

Waiting for that baby ....

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